Say goodbye

to authentication

SuperAuth is the world's first truely passwordless authentication system. No passwords, no usernames, nothing to forget, and completely secure. SuperAuth brings zero typing authentication to every internet enabled system, regardless of platform.

How it works

SuperAuth is an app and an secure authentication server. Download the app, pair it with your email addresses, and use your device's fingerprint ID system or pin to securely log into any SuperAuth enabled service.


Avalible for free from the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store. Sign up with your email and your details.

Scan QR Code

When you find website or app with a SuperAuth button, tap it and scan the QR code you're given with the SuperAuth app.

Fingerprint / Pin

The app will ask you (nicely) for your beautifully unique fingerprint. Give it the finger and watch the magic happen! You can also use your pin to login.

You're In!

The app will show you a unique ID code, and the website will show you the same code to let you know you're safe and secure.


The easiest security layer you'll ever touch

SuperAuth has been designed to be easy for users and developers, and impossible for hackers. Your data is only ever saved on YOUR device.

No passwords required

Heck, never USE a password ever again! SuperAuth generates a new secure password for you ever login.

No Phone? No Problem

If you don’t have your phone with you, we'll send you a temporary login link to your email with a simple passcode.

Super Secure

SuperAuth is built on top of the best in the industry encryption. Your information is never stored the same way twice.

Tied to your email address

SuperAuth registers your email address or addresses with our server, so you can log into work and personal systems easily.

No more registration forms

Simply by using SuperAuth on a system you've never used before will allow you to register without filling out forms!

Login Anywhere

SuperAuth isn't just for the web. Use it to log into other apps, kiosks, and smartTV application safely and securely.

Built for you, built for business

Easy for you, impossible for hackers

Patent-Pending Security

SuperAuth uses a combination of best-of-breed security measures to ensure your data is secure. Our patent-pending technology encrypts every step of the authentication process. We check that both the app and the server are who they say they are, and we prove it to you with a quick visual check.

  • Every time you authenticate with a SuperAuth-enabled system, your personal data is re-encryptped in a unique way.
  • After each successful login, we randomly split your personal data and keep only half of it on our servers. the other half is stored on your device. If a hacker does break in, they will have a useless bit of jumbled data, encrypted and meaningless.
  • The SuperAuth system doesn't only check to see if you are who you say you are. Our app also challenges the system its trying to log into. This means that it's impossible to be "phished" by fake websites trying to steal you data.
  • You have peace of mind when you log into a SuperAuth enabled system. The application will show you a unique code that you can quickly check is the same on the site you're logging into. This way you will know you're not being scammed!

Built for Business

SuperAuth was built from the ground up to help business protect their customers.

  • Easy Integration: No need to change your database or existing user management systems. SuperAuth users map seamlessly onto your existing users.
  • No more physical tokens: No more need for silly key fobs, text messages or voice calls. Know who your users are with certainty!
  • Friendly Support: SuperAuth provides fanatical customer support, and you receive a dedicated account manager with your paid subscription.
  • Massively reduce abandoned carts: Last year, $2 billion worth of items were abandoned in shopping carts because users were asked to sign up or log in. SuperAuth ensures that your users can check out quickly and securely without going through this process.

Integrate SuperAuth With Your System

SuperAuth was built by developers for developers. It's easy to integrate and well documented. We offer three easy paths to getting your systems SuperAuth Secured.

Integrating SuperAuth with your exisitng CMS is as easy as installing a plugin. We have built plugin for Wordpress. It creates a extreamly large token in the place of the standard password field, so no more insecure passwords. Everything else is the same, except now you are guarenteed that the users logging into to your system are who they say they are. Never deal with stolen accounts ever again. Even if new user is logged in your website via SuperAuth and later you deactivate the SuperAuth plugin, those users can continue access your website using password, but they need to reset password.

If you would rather do your own custom integration, never fear! The docs are there! The easiest way to add a SuperAuth sign-In button to your site, app, kiosk, or whatever, is to check out the API documentation. With only a few lines of code, you can add a button that automatically configures itself to have the appropriate text, logo, and colors for the sign-in state of the user and the scopes you request.
If you would like our team of in-house experts to do the heavy lifting for you, contact us today. We also have a network of qualified specialists in a range of fields and programming languages help you integrate with your unique system.


SuperAuth is free to users forever.

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